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New site launched

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Welcome to the new version of the site. The new site takes a bit of a new direction from the past as I’ve changed my decision of career progression.

In the past this site has been an online portfolio of my audio and music work. As I built the previous site I realised that the web is really where I want to be working, building the most modern, functional and beautiful sites out there. The new site reflects this direction as an online portfolio of my work that is live on the web. I will also blog updates a lot more frequently relating to my online findings and likes.

As time progresses and my ability is further improved I’ll be adding a resources page, including HTML / CSS / jQuery resources. This will enable me to demonstrate my ability and hopefully help other people who may be struggling to find solutions to potential problems.

The type of resources will include, but wont be limited to;

  • HTML 5 Audio Player
  • HTML 5 Video Player
  • jQuery Accordian
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Content Slider

These tools will all support accessibility standards, and a modern, browser compatible approach.

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